Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Original Arthurian Romance Group Progress

Please add a comment that describes the progress your group made on the Original Arthurian Romance Tale this week. You may either have one person report for the whole group, or have each person report his or her own contributions. Either way, every group member's name should appear (first name and last initial only, please) and you should describe what he/she did: wrire, research, create slides or pictures, help organize the group, etc. You might also explain the group's overall progress. Include in this comment work done for the week of January 29 through February 2. Please post your comments by midnight, Saturday, February 3.


Phil E said...

My group consists of Tyler S. and Me. We are members of the Sand Kingdom. We are making a movie. We both together created the script and storyboard. We have filmed have of it. With the help of my friend Christian I edited half the movie.
We have filmed half of the movie and Tyler: is playing King Arthur
Phil: Sir Lancelot

The movie is coming along great and we (the Sand Kingdom) have discovered that working in a small group has made it easier to regulate the work so we are both doing equal shares. We are basically doing every aspect of the project together. Mr. Sale I apologize for the lateness of this blog but I assure you it is completely Tyler's fault.

Anonymous said...

the kingdom name is jarie and its members are jake, kara, and anthony (myself). we r doing a power point with different themes such as star wars, harry potter, king arthur etc. our castle is a blown up one. we are finishing up the power point.

kyle said...

This week our group finished our project on tuesday night. Marcus P. wrote the script and helped make the puppets, Josh T. typed the script and i (Kyle H.) went and made the puppets.