Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Our period 5 class recently experimented with writing pantoum poems. Everyone's best efforts are published here. After reading these examples, you should be able to derive the rules of writing a pantoum. We invite you to post your own composition here as a comment.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Reading Habits

Please add a comment in which you describe your reading habits. I am most interested in how you do your reading for school assignments, but it would also be interesting to compare how you read for school with how you read for pleasure. Your goal in this comment is to give a vivid picture of you reading. What would I see if I watched you read? What does it feel like to you when you read? Please write for about five minutes, and post your comment by midnight, Monday, February 12. Try to address all the following:

Where do you read? Don’t just tell where; describe the location, trying to make it vivid for your reader.
When do you read? Obviously, this will vary, but typically, what time of day do you settle down to read? Describe the feel of this time of day.
How do you read? Do you have to have complete silence? Do you do other things while you read (listen to music, chat online, text message, read out loud to yourself)? Do you lie down, sit up, get up frequently?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Separate Peace -- Chapters 1-3

Add your comments about the first 3 chapters of A Separate Peace here. Remember that your comments should be original and insightful observations about the book's themes, characters, and symbols. You may avoid the risk of simply repeating ideas from class discussion by posting your comment before the discussion.