Monday, October 02, 2006

Six Week Reflection

Please do a reflection on your learning in English class over the first six weeks of the semester by answering the following questions on your personal blog:

1. When you look back on this first six weeks in English class, are your thoughts positive or negative? Why?
2. What went well for you in English class over the past six weeks?
3. What was your favorite thing we did in class over the past six weeks? What was your least favorite?
4. What grade would you give yourself for the “Study Skills” category (which includes the following) and why?
 Be on time to class
 Use the student calendar
 Bring materials to class
 Stay on task during class activities
 Support a positive learning environment
 Go the distance (keep working until the end of class)
5. What would make English class better for you during the next six weeks?


Christina E. said...

1. My thoughts on the first 6 weeks are that school is starting and that is kinda unfortunate but a relief that I have something to do.

ost everything went well over the last 6 weeks in English.

3. My favorite thing in English class was the something ols, something new essay. My least favorite was Farenheit 451.

4. I would give myself an A- because I am on time, I used my student calendar, I bring my materials, I am on task, and go the distance.

5. Being a more friendly enviornment would be better and if someone would actually talk to me. (I know that you can't help that)

Morgan M said...

1. My thoughts at first would be negative but I improved my grade therefore my thoughts are more positive.
2. I think the class discussions went well because if I didn't understand the reading we went over it in class.
3. My favorite thing we did over the past six weeks would be the group activities. The least favorite thing we did in class was the fish bowl because it was just very awkward since I was in the first group to go
4. I think the study skills category is very simple because you just how to show up basically, I would give myself an A, I know I am on task in class.
5. English would be better if we keep watching movies and comparing them to books or even other movies

Jenn W said...

1)When i look back on the first six weeks of school my thoughts are kind of negative and positive because i know i could have done better so that part is negative. The positive part was that english class was the class i look forward to because it is my favorite class.

2)What went well in English class the past six weeks was that i learned alot. I learned more about poems and i learned about gramar by doing the mug shots.

3)My favorite thing we did in class the past six weeks was when we listened to songs and we discussed what we thought the meaning of them was. My least favorite thing was doing the something old something new essay, because i don't like writing reserach papers.

4) I would give myself a B+ in the "study skills category" for the past six weeks because i followed those requirements most of the time. I need to work on going the distance a little bit more.

5)I would enjoy english a bit more if we did more creative writings. I love to do creative writings and i like to read a play too.

Kara M. said...

1. I likes this first 6 weeks of class I just wish we did more of our own writing instead of just alot of reading.

2. I thought that the something old something new essay went well despite the computer problems I had with writing the paper.

3. My favorite thing we did would be the journals where we get to write about something. I also like the SSR blog entries. I like to write about the books I am reading.

4. I would give myself a B-. I was late to class a few times and turned assignments in late so I dont think I would give myself an A but I was on task and I did the assingments right.

5. I think English would be better if we did more writing.

alex c said...

1.My thoughts are definately positive because of the wide range of disscussions and that I could participate in this class and expect a great response to what I say.

2.The thing that went really well for me is the fishbowl disscusions. Its a really fun way to disscus a book.

3. My all around favorite thing (very descriptive) is the SOSN essay because I got to write an entire essay on Star Wars!!!! My least favorite aspect of the last six weeks are the Mugshots. I really don't like correcting sentences.

4.I would have to give myself a B+ because although I am doing great on most things, I have trouble bringing all the required materials. Also I do other things during the class that make it seem like I'm off task but I'm not (still kinda rude though).

5.I can't think of any major thing to change, sharing thoughts in small groups is always a challenge (people not doing the work, including me) but other than that its been a productive 6 weeks (very formal, ha!).

Jessica M. said...

1.) I think that my thoughts would be positive regarding my first six weeks in English because this year I am liking English so much more than I did last year.

2.) I really like the fact that we have been doing stuff that is interesting and that helps me to be able to understand much more about English!

3.) I really don't like writing but surprisingly my favorite thing we did the first six weeks was the Something Old Something New. I really didn't like the choice of book that we read though! It was just really hard for me to read and actually stay focused on the book.

4.) I think that I would probably give myself an A because I stay on task a lot and I studay for things.

5.) I really like English this year so much better last year, and so I think that everything we have been doing in class has been really fun and interesting. I think the only thing that would make class better is to read a book that is more understandable.