Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vocab Word #4 for Group 1 (due Thursday, Oct. 12)

Please post your vocab word if you are a member of Group 1: Amy B, Cole C, Kyle H, Jeff M, Jessica M, Josh P, Tyler S, Brett V. Remember to give the word, the original sentence, the source, and a definition in your own words. Also remember that your word must be different from everyone else's. Post your word by midnight, Thursday, October 12, 2006.


Cole C said...


I saw the word when i was on the High line canal.
It means a person who rides horses. It also means something that pertains tho horses.

Jessica M. said...


The book Work and the Glory 7
"Now Jane's voice took on a ring of caustic irony."

It means: severely critical or sarcastic

brett V said...


I found the word in the article "The growing battle of the books"

Every region of the country and almost every state has felt the flaring of the censorial spirit.

It means a person who examines books, plays, motion pictures, etc.

Amy B said...


"...suggest the scope of censorship activity (it is obiquitous)..."
-The Growing Battle of Books

Obiquitous means to be everywhere.

kyle said...


the state of being disregarded or forgotten

"I was lost inside oblivion"
Chuck Palahnjuk, Fight Club

Terry Sale said...

Jessica --
Note that caustic also has a literal meaning, as with caustic chemicals like acid.

Terry Sale said...

Brett --
Censoring has to do with more than just examining books -- it also has to do with limiting what people read.

Terry Sale said...

Amy --
Note that your word is spelled "ubiqitous."

Joshp said...

Resurgence- rising or tending to rise again.

The resurgence of a populist censorial spirit has in a sense, sneaked up on the nation.

Found it in – The Growing Battle of the books
By: Frank Trippett

Tyler said...


The Da Vinci Code page 163

"The iconographic evidence I'm finding to support the theory is, well, staggeringly persuaisive."

Iconographic mean a set of symbolic forms that have to do with the theme of a "stylized" work of art.