Monday, November 06, 2006

Reading Reflection #2 for Group 3 (due Thursday, November 9)

Please post your reading reflection if you are a member of Group 3: Lacey C, Phil E, Kara M, Joy M, Erin O, Emma R, Chris T, Brandy Z. Your comment should explain what you've read in the past three weeks, and what affected you the most out of what you read. What ideas, interesting information, or feelings did your reading give you? Write for at least 5 minutes. Please post your comment by Thursday, November 9, 2006.


Erin O said...

This week for Journalistic Writing I had to read a story about two young kids who were severely burned in a house explosion in 1989. The kids were four and six, there whole life was turned upside down and, they were blessed to still live. For a while they had to wear masks, and full body suits to protect their bodies, and potential bad scaring. The story gave me a different look on life, for instance when I see someone who is burned I will now understand what process they have to go through and how weird they feel when they are started at. It was a motivating story explaining how two children try to live their life’s normally being severely burned..

Emma R said...

For this week’s blog, I have decided not to do a blog on a book, but another form of literature I have been reading obsessively. This literature is found in the 74-page booklet that came with this year’s new My Chemical Romance CD, “The Black Parade.” This booklet is more like a book than a booklet with its wordy 74 pages and tiny font. In this booklet, I learned about the inspirations and the struggles to produce this new CD. The introduction is written by Gerard Way who is the band’s lead singer. He begins by talking about the end of the last tour for the old album and the thoughts of a new album. Throughout this introduction (which is an alarming 40 pages long) I realized just how hard this group of five people had to work to find this music within them. This introduction gave me an entirely new perspective on the creation of this album. I now know just how much mental and physical pain, as well as money, time, and work that goes into these albums. It is mind-blowing and incredible. This booklet has taught me how to carry on through the hard times and to respect what I have today. It also has added an entirely new appreciation and respect for the work this band dose. It was an amazing look into the lives of these fantastic artists and their lifestyle while struggling for their art.

Kara M. said...

I have been reading the book "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks. Im this book, it was about a women traveling somewhere with her son. He son doesnt speak and he is an older boy so thispart of the story is about her taking him to different doctors to try to see whats wrong with him. I think this would be the hardest thing to cope with. Knowing something is wrong with your loved one but no one can tell you whats wrong or how to fix it. Im not sure what will happen next in the story and Im not sure how it will all come together.